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The Virginia Beach ARC is a full service "ham radio" club covering all aspects of the hobby.  Visit the Public Service page to find all of the events that we support in the city.  Visit the Admin page to find all the details of the club from Bylaws to officers.  The History page looks at the events from the past.  The membership page offers full details on joining VBARC and membership roster. 

The next meeting of VBARC is Thursday September 1st.  This is a regular membership meeting starting at 7:30 PM at St Andrews Methodist Church.  Princess Anne Rd. and Tuscon Lane.

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The next Board of Directors meeting will be Wednesday, September 28th, at the VBARC Beach Shack, 3469 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach at 7:00 AM. The meeting will now be held the 4th Wednesday of every month.  Click below for a map to the BOD meeting. 

Click here for a map to Ocean Park Rescue - THE VBARC BEACH SHACK


It is AUCTION Time.... Bring your old gear to sell at the membership meeting.  Anything Ham related or possibly computer related.  10% of the proceeds return to the club!

The next CQ Saturday is Sat, Sept 3rd, 9:00 am at the Beach Shack - Ocean Park Rescue.

There is no QRP Saturday this month due to the VB Hamfest.

Va Beach Hamfest is on the 10th, purchase tickets in advance at the regular membership meeting.

The next Public Service event will be the Wicked 10k at the end of October.  Check with PS Director Tom Moore for full details.

The Club directors have been assigned a specific duty to follow through the year.  They are as follows:

  • Ken Ascher, KK4VA will handle Special events such as the Va QSO Party, Maligned Swine and National Parks on the Air.

  • Doug Dougan, N4IRK, will handle all Public Information Duties and Club Communications

  • George Schmidt, WA4GDB, will implement an Elmer Team

  • Nancy Clemen, KK4FXY, will handle membership.  She will control 50/50 and create mini groups such as the licensed XYL's in the club

  • Jim Arab, KV4JM, will handle education and training

  • Rich Ferguson, N2XQM, will be in charge of contesting

  • Mark Passario, KM4EER, will handle hospitality such as all Dinner meetings & Field Day

Additional assignments include:
  • Ed KN4KL, will continue to handle all VE duties and Testing

  • Terry KN8TNF and Tom Moore, WS9B, will handle all Public Service Events

  • Bob K4NTO will handle the website, newsletter and the Open Facebook Page

  • Steve W0JTC will handle the closed Facebook page, all video and photography

  • Butch, KE4AZL, will be the Shack Manager

Local repeaters are controlled by the Virginia Beach Emergency Amateur Repeater Society or VBEARS.  Repeaters are available on 146.970, 146.895 and 444.950.  Please check the VBEARS page for full details of all repeaters in the region.  If you are using the repeaters and have problems please address your issues to the Manager of the repeater via email here.  We also have a new repeater on 147.300+ managed by the Hospital Network.  It is open to all hams when not used for emergency events.

Key nets on the 146.97 repeater are:  The ARES Net every Tuesday Night at 8:00pm and the Hampton Roads Service Net on 146.97 at 9:00 pm every night.


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